We have compiled a selection of tutorials and videos to show you how to book your session, it also shows you how to create an account (this is recommended) and also how to change your tickets to another day

How to book a session

Session tickets permit booking for more than one attendee on the same ticket.

1. Navigate to the booking page via the link provided by the event organiser (this could be via social media, their website or email). The page should look similar to this –

2. Select your ticket(s) and use the + and – symbols to add more or fewer tickets, as required.Please make sure you only select 1 x free adult per booking , additional adults need paying for , you need to select an adult for your booking to be valid. Once you are ready to book your tickets click on view selections to progress to your basket, all of your selections are saved here.

You can always navigate back to the schedule is you want to add more tickets, and use the grey ‘x’ to remove any tickets you don’t want – 

3. If you have a discount code you can enter it on the confirmation screen by clicking on add a discount code (read more about this here)

4. Click on Book now to progress to the next stage of the checkout.

5. Lets Pretend requires one ‘booker’ email address per booking. This email address is used for your booking confirmation and event reminders, we will not contact you for anything that isn’t directly related to the event you have booked – 

7. Next, you will be asked to complete any booking fields that are relevant to your booking. This may include an attendee email address (used for event reminders), attendee names, consent fields, or something else (read more about this here)

8. If your ticket is free of charge, your booking is complete!

If there is a cost associated with your event you will need be able to pay online (via credit or debit card).

Creating and changing a password

Once you have completed a booking you will be given the option to create a password. This allows you to manage your bookings (depending on the settings of your event organiser), and also to have certain booking fields auto-complete when you make repeat bookings.

Changing your password

If you need to change your password you can request a reset code on this link – https://bookwhen.com/password/reset then follow the instructions that are sent to your booker email address.

Creating a password

You can set a password from the booking confirmation screen (after completing payment) –

Once you have created a password you can access your existing bookings by logging in –

This shows if you still need to make payment for the event and allows you to transfer your tickets (if permitted by the settings of your event organiser). 

You can access previous bookings by selecting them from the Other bookings section –

Transferring your tickets

Once you have completed a booking you can access it via the link in your confirmation email (sent to the email address entered in the booker details section).

You can also access previous bookings by logging in when you have created a password – see here. Depending on the settings of your event organiser you may also be able to transfer or cancel your tickets.

From your booking reference screen –

Transfer a ticket

Click ticket options then transfer (this will not always be possible, if the option is not there then you should contact your event organiser) –

Your original ticket will show as ‘transferred’ and the event you have transferred to will display ‘transfer’ (you can only transfer each ticket one time) –

Many thanks for taking the time to read this section